Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is for individuals or partners that are having difficulties with sex and/or intimacy. You can be intimate with someone and not have the act of sex and you can be sexually active and miss out on intimacy.

To summarize sex matters! It’s a pleasurable experience that we can practice alone such as with masturbating and with someone else. When this area in our life isn’t going as planned it causes a plethora of other issues…it can create insecurities, sense of rejection, loss of feeling empowered, disconnected from out partner, and so forth.  Sex therapy is talk therapy that will help you make the mind-body connection that is lacking and educate you on techniques that you will practice at home depending on the issue brought into session.

Common Sex issues not an all-encompassing list

  • Low or high sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Performance anxiety
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Poor communication about sex, needs, and/or desires
  • Fetishes
  • Low sexual confidence

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