Marriage Therapy

It’s completely normal to have problems in your marriage and it can even be healthy that you do! You don’t want someone Yessing you to death and miss out on genuine interaction. But are you capable of addressing those problems amongst one another without stirring up more disagreements?

In the United States 50% of marriages end in divorce… why let it get to that when you have options.  You and your partner are deserving of happiness.  It’s time to invest in your marriage and create a happier future.

Common marital issues but not an all-encompassing list

  • Communication problems
  • Daily routines creating boredom and/or doubts
  • Infidelity both in person and online
  • Controlling- Intense jealousy
  • Parenting and extended families
  • Deep resentment and anger
  • Sexual differences- not fulling needs
  • One partner questioning gender roles/sexual attractions


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