Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is awesome in that gives you true, 100% time for yourself.  We all know that these days it becomes increasingly difficult to make ourselves a priority but how can we be our best selves to others when we can’t give that same treatment to ourselves? Perfection is a fantasy but improvements, insight, change, catharsis, and a developing a healthy mental health are all obtainable through therapy.

Common individual issues not an all-encompassing list

  • Ambivalence-present or future
  • Stress and anxiety- from Generalized anxiety to Social anxiety and Agoraphobia, only to name a few
  • Depression- crying often, lack of motivation, poor night sleep and on going
  • Life transitions- divorce, children leaving the home or not leaving these day, new partner and so forth
  • Grief over a loss
  • Low self-esteem
  • Family dilemmas
  • Anger problems- lack of anger control
  • Gender dysphoria- unhappy with current gender
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder- a consequence of personally experiencing or secondhand witnessing to a scary or upsetting event.

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