Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is quite similar to marital therapy except you haven’t taken that next step and perhaps aren’t interested in doing so. What we all do have in common is we want to be in love and be loved by our partners and that’s way easier said than done!

We have our individual baggage and they have theirs and all of sudden we’re trying to create something new and special and we don’t always get it right or even know how to address the issues. In therapy you’ll do just that, learn to communicate and address the problems as well as problem solve together.

Common couple issues but not an all-encompassing list

  • Communication problems
  • Ambivalence towards your current relationship
  • Infidelity both in person and online
  • Issues with extended families
  • Sexual differences- not fulling needs
  • Different desires for your future together
  • Finances and employment
  • One partner questioning gender roles/sexual attractions

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