About Me

Mailen Palacios earned her graduate degree in 2013 from Seton Hall University as a Marriage and Family Therapist but her infield-training with clients started in 2011.  Since that time, she has worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist, focusing on helping individuals, families, and couples with anxieties and relationship distress. Trained in both Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Attachment, Self-regulation, and Competency trauma therapy (ARC), Mailen specializes in all forms of anxiety disorders from Generalized to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, alleviating these disorders in adults and children. Additionally, Mailen is a fluent Spanish speaker, allowing her to offer her clients sessions in Spanish if they prefer. As a bilingual therapist, Mailen has often been able to bridge the gap between generations when language barriers exist between Latino parents and their American children.

Another of Mailen’s areas of expertise is sex therapy. She became a Sex Therapist in 2015, Mailen not only focuses on the dysfunctional communication that can arise in relationships but also how that communication can negatively influence and change people’s sex lives. Honest communication in all aspects of the clients’ lives will bring about the insight needed to make choices and important compromises that lead clients to the path of happiness and fulfillment.  At times, it may feel as if you’re stuck, that you’ve put in your best efforts and have seen little or no change, settling for going with the flow or believing those are the cards you were dealt.  That is a very difficult place to be and yet it is a choice, a silent choice people make every day, that “it is what it is.” It does not have to be.

Mailen will work with you every step of the way to empower you. She will give you insight into your emotions that are disregarded and guide you to develop new choices, thought patterns and healthier styles of communications. Mailen will give you the tools to make daily decisions that make you happy, whether that is with yourself, your children, or with your partner—especially in improving your sex life.

Marriage and Family Therapist & Sex Therapist

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